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Joyce Leake

Joyce Leake

Joyce’s other works,  Animal Communication, Insider Tips & Secrets to Master How Now and Communicating with Horses also complement studies.

 Meet Other Animal University Contributing Instructors

Bette Heller, Esq. Director of Student Studies

Contact:,  Centennial, Colorado USA

Bette Heller is an attorney in private practice limited to Estate Planning, Probate, and Medicaid Planning.  And, Bette is also an Animal Communicator too! Her desire to talk with the animals has broadened her career.  She  now combines the social work aspect of her Law Practice, which involves counseling her clients in dealing with their own death and/or the death of their family members with counseling animal owners in dealing with the legal and emotional issues that arise when faced with the death of their animals.

A brief look into only a few of Bette’s contributions to our animals include: Served as Director for the Colorado Horse Council for eighteen years where she was instrumental in the drafting and passage of the Colorado Equine Limited Liability Act, and authoring the Colorado Pets Trusts Stature.

Heather Thompson and Piston

Heather Thompson, co-author with Bette Heller of Validation Tools for Animal Communication. Heather is an animal communicator, reiki master, medical intuitive, reflectologist and specialist in using pendulums to validate, confirm and clarify animal communications. Doubt and second guessing don’t have a chance with Heather’s talents which she shares with you in her Level I classe, Validation Tools. Reach Heather Thompson,







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