Animal Communication

 How to Communicate With Animals Classes

Do you want to know what your animals are saying? Do you want a better relationship with them? Does your animal-related profession require more in-tune-ment with your animal client?

AU’s Classes teach How to Communicate with Animals so you can be a better partner and advocate and a well-rounded animal practitioner.

AU’s Philosophy includes guided instruction and  how to’s, practices and exercises, plus time to process your amazing experience.

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AU Suggests if you are not into classes – get started with 2 books written just for you. My years of knowledge and experience is available now…

 Textbooks: Suggested reading (also available in electronic versions)

  • Decoding the Mystery of Interspecies Communication

  • and its complement, – Communicating with Animals, The WORKBOOK,  A Twenty-One Day Guide to Success

  • both co-authored by Joyce Leake and Dr. Vickie

Wickhorst, PhD. Other books, periodicals, website links, practices and excursions are suggested to further enhance your learning experience.

Order the book:

Price: $19.95

Order the workbook:  

Price: $19.95












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