Conscious Conversation Series

Your Soul is Talking are You Listening? September 28th, 2016 … 6:30 PM MTN …38 Minutes…$38…

Price: $38.00


You Are More Than Human  October 6th, 2016…6:30 PM MTN…38 Minutes…$38

Price: $38.00


Whstle Me Home

Whistle Me Home

STOP LOSING YOUR PETS with Whistle Me Home 

How to Locate Your Lost, Missing or Stolen Pet. Recovering a lost, missing or stolen animal is a devastating experience. The panic, anxiety and guilt surrounding pet disappearance triggers many emotions; fear, anxiety and guilt. The best practice is prevention. Animals do have ‘minds of their own’ or they can be victims of theft & oversights.  The Whistle Me Home!  is a proven method to prevent pet loss. Your kit  includes a Handy Storage for Treats Tin and a Special Hi-Pitch Whistle with BlinkingLight and Breakaway Lanyard.  $24.97  investment for your peace of mind…  $24.97  Includes S/H

Includes S/H












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