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Joyce Leake "Unlimited"

Joyce Leake “Unlimited”

We just completed our Summer Session and are gearing up for the Fall’s Collection of the Best of the Best Animal Communication Classes. Included are rarely-disclosed insights and exclusive secrets from my 25-year AC career. My goal is your success.

If the Best is Good Enough for You – then take note. This Course Delivers.

Next Series – 6 Hours Completed over 3 2-hour sessions

  • September 27 & 29 and October 1
  • Investment in Your Confident Ability – $479
  • Materials Included – Pre- & Post-Class
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 Private Animal Communication Sessions with Joyce Leake

tree rootsJoyce returns to her roots…talking with and listening to your dogs, cats, horses and more. “This is what feeds my soul,” says, Joyce.

Your one-hour session welcomes unlimited number of animals and countless concerns for our telephone conversation. Photos are not necessary. We will discover roots of issues, physical and emotional concerns, behavioral and compatibility problems, anxiety, past conundrums and questions of ‘if this is the right time’ plus much more.    Please connect with Joyce. 303-621-2819 or

Day or evening appointments available  

Price: $90.00

Private People Sessions with Joyce

Need help figuring life’s challenges, opportunities and other excitements? We all do, from time to time. Joyce is Now Available to assist. Please let her know you’d like to virtually – meet – and discuss your needs; career, opportunities, blocks & stuck, how-to and much, much more. One hour will change you life!     

Private "People Session" 1 hour



How You Can Build Your Solid Foundation to Communicate with Animals

If you are serious about learning how to talk with and listen to your animals Animal University offers a series of classes to help you do it right. The classes are designed to help build the foundation it takes to support your already knowing intuitive abilities. Our recommendation choose what feels right to support your desire to learn. The animals are waiting…and with these classes, you will soon be hearing them.


*How to Communicate with Animals

 Build a Solid Animal Communication Foundation and Always Hear the Animals

Joyce Leake, Animal Communicator since 1994 is your guide through this visual and audio presentation. If your desire is to hear the animals and communicate with them on demand then this first step is the right step to lay the foundation for your continued confident success. You will not only discover your own natural abilities but you will use them to build practical and intuitive skills to talk with and listen to them too.   

Price: $49.00

 **Special Offer – Automatic Writing, Validation Tools & Energetic Boundaries – Order All 3 & SAVE $12. Regularly $72 – Now $60  
Special Offer - 3 Classes - Save $12

Automatic Writing, How It Can Be Used With Animal Communication

by Bette Heller, Animal Communicator

Make it easy on yourself! This 17 minute presentation shows you how to fill in details in your communications with animals through Automatic Writing. Bette walks you through the how-to process and shares how this method supports all your communication receptacles for receiving.

Price: $24.00

 *Validation Tools, How to Support Your Communication Abilities

co-presented by Bette Heller and Heather Thompson, Animal Communicators.
This 34-minute presentation states: “When in doubt – back it up with tools of the intuitive trade.” By learning to use correct validation tools, end that mind chatter of “Did I really get that or did I just make it up?”

Price: $24.00


*Energetic Boundaries and Protection, How to Ensure Your Protection

by Bette Heller, Animal Communicator and AU Director of Student Studies.
24 minutes of empowerment that addresses your potential vulnerability experienced while wading in the Universal pool of ever-flowing energy. Bette’s down-to-earth approach takes the worry out and puts the empowerment in. A Must Have for all Intuitives, as well as anyone working closely with other people or in their energy spaces. Healers to House Keepers all benefit from this class!

Price: $24.00


The Mentor Circle TeleTutoring & Teleconference

Practice makes perfect…well, almost! As Animal Communicators working alone, having a suppport group helps to sharpen skills, stay on track and learn more. Join Animal University’s Mentor Circles scheduled periodically throughout the year. It’s fun and empowering.

Price: $50.00



How to Intuit An Animal’s Health Issue

And not overstep professional boundaries. This one-hour Recorded Audio Class with Joyce Leake, animal communicator, covers physical problems that our animals experience. From locating pains, strains and roots of illnesses, we discover how, why and what to do to help the animals’ people help their animals. When they don’t ‘feel well’ neither do we. Learn how to use your intuition, your animal communication skills to come to logical conclusions  to help your animals when and if in ill health.

Price: $39.00

How to Locate Your Lost, Missing or Stolen Pet

A one-hour Recorded Audio Class with Joyce Leake.  $39

Recovering a misplaced animal is a devastating experience. The panic, anxiety and guilt surrounding the incident can trigger many emotional results. The best practice is, of course, prevention. However, animals have ‘minds of their own’ or could be victims of people’s oversights and irresponsibility. Animal communicators are often called upon to recover the animal. Special tools, emotions and stamina is required to accomplish this task. This teleclass will share experiences that work.

Price: $39.00

How to Protect Your Animals In Case of Your Incapacity or Death

by Bette Heller, Esq and Animal Communicator

If You Spin, Crash and well, become incapacitated or deceased, who will take care of your pets? Do your relatives and friends have the means to maintain your pets’ life style? And, do you have it in writing? Do you know what to write? Bette Heller, Esq., authored a ‘must have class’ you can take on your schedule. But, don’t wait too long. Life has a way of sneaking in surprises when we least expect them. If you’re out of commission, incapacitated or deceased…so are your pets. They need your protection and learning how to plan and protect them is crucial to everyone’s well being and peace of mind.  This class is a combination Audio with Exceptionally Detailed Notes to follow along.

Price: $79.00


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