Guts and Intuition

On the day I read this story about trusting your instincts, AU released information about a new class called “Exploring Your Intuition”! How serendipitous! From the science article what we find is that when participants in a study trusted their instincts, they were right about 90% of the time. 90%! He said: ‘The study demonstrates…

Loyalty Among Friends

Trust, integrity, loyalty, big words, with powerful meaning. For humans who struggle living up to their definitions, their  animals may serve as preferred mentors. Dogs, cats, horses and others will willfully point out what their stumbling blocks are. Oh, but to hear the truth can be a freightening experience. Yet when filtered by a cold nose, comforting purr and hearty ride,…

Fido goes to Court

This is story worth keeping an eye on. The Supreme Court is going to hear a case today concerning drug sniffing dogs. The justices must decide whether man’s best friend is an honest broker as blind to prejudice as Lady Justice, or as prone as the rest of us to a bad day at the…

Friday Fun

What is this guy thinking?

Friday Fun

I was thinking about a little fun for Fridays wherein we can test ourselves a bit. What do you say? Tell me what you think Lizzie (3yo Golden Doodle is thinking in this picture). Click on ‘Continue Reading’ to see if the next image helps!