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Select Souls – is that you?

You fit here.

You fit here

Intuitive people stand apart from many others. There are reasons why, as you will discover if you are one of us, and I bet you are otherwise why read this page?

Within a few seconds you can discover if you are ‘one of us.’  Welcome Home!

Are You a Select Soul?

In a matter of seconds – discover.

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1. Have you felt different or separate from your friends or family?

2. Do you attract others with little effort?

3. Have others told you how special you are but you just cannot see it?

4. Do you have an unlimited source of energy?

5. Are you naturally a curious person and continue to seek answers outside what others describe as normal?

6. Are you loyal and expect other to be the same?

7. Do you have a natural ability to see a larger picture? And are puzzled, if not frustrated, that others do not, or more perplexing, cannot?

8. Are you quick to see through another and are amazed that others cannot?

9. Do you notice that people gravitate to you to fix their issues?

10. Can you sense one of your kind?’

11. Do you have a short attention span?

12. Do you lose patience with those who just don’t get it?

13. Does your family question just who you are and where you came from?

14. Do you become annoyed with indecision?

15. Stuff is not your thing – minimal is appealing!

16. Do others who you have attracted to you often say to you “I like your energy.”

17. Do others who you just met often feel so familiar to you that you feel like you have known them for years (or lifetimes?)

18. Do you often hear “humming” or other vibration-like sounds in your head that you know are not coming from a material source? Multitudes of voices “whispering” as if in a crowd way back in the recesses of your mind?

19. Are you an insatiable learner?

20. Do you love animals?
Thank you for taking a look. This is a guide towards self-discovery and discovery in others in your life. It serves to help you see – your uniqueness.

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