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What You Say About Animal University

About the classes:

“Thank you for the marvelous class last night! And, for the superb email this morning about class.” — Sandi Lucas, Colorado

“Thanks for a wonderful class last night. I could have listened for hours.” — Sharon Soule, Niagara Falls, CA

“Hi Joyce, It’s official… I have a link to Animal University on my site! Yay! My site is www.fromtheheartwatercolors.com if we are sharing the love! Thanks for everything… what a catalyst your class was for me!” — Kimberly Lavelle, Colorado

“Good Thursday morning Joyce…I truly love the phone conference calls! I am already working on the Level 1 course.” — Maria Allaire, Baton Rouge, LA

“Joyce, the weekend was enjoyable and very helpful to me. Feel more confident and I want to investigate your online program.” — Mary Sheehy, Aiken, SC

“I finally had time to listen to your audios during a recent travel experience and thought they were wonderful! It was as if you were talking directly to me in terms of addressing all the desired outcomes and the fears and doubt — guess I’m not so unique, after all — and that’s a good thing! I have been taking time to practice communicating but if I AM getting messages, they are still pretty indirect ones.” — Nan Greenlaw

“LOVE the AU Campus site!!! it has so much potential and i’m very excited about it. i will definitely become a member!! congratulations. I know how much time, love and energy something like this takes. very well done!

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I am pretty tuned in to vocal quality, tone, prosody, etc. and I loved listening to your voice that night on my call to you. I knew I could listen to you and trust what you were saying. I guess that’s what you would call faith – trusting with no evidence. But, boy did you deliver! Your voice has a combination of relaxation and authority and it’s a wonderful integration to experience. Combined with your vast experience and the way you articulated subject matter to all of us, the Level I course was a win all the way around.” — Jennifer Hunter, California

“I just wanted to say that tonight’s class was so exciting for me. I know it is all coming together and can’t wait to see what is in store ahead. I had an opportunity for more horse chiropractic training but have decided to keep my focus on these classes. I have made note in my journal entries that one of the horses I worked on actually contacted me when I was in bed, probably the only time my “line wasn’t busy.” I experienced numbness, pain and tingling where his issues were. When you spoke of the medical intuition coming up I actually got goosebumps. The timing in my life is definitely right to pursue these studies. I am so thankful to you that you are able to offer these courses. I think the lives of many animals will be improved as we all continue to “wake up” to the facts of how we are treating them.

I wanted to mention something on the phone but didn’t have the opportunity. Every time I get ready for class and dial in, my house pets come out of their beds, or rooms and make quite a fuss around me. They really know what is going on and even my husband is having conversations with them now, I love it! I think they have been waiting so long to be acknowledged that they can hardly contain themselves.

Thanks again, I look forward to next week!” — Mary Ruff, California


On being a faculty member with Animal University:

“Joyce is an amazing motivator, communicator (both to human and animal), organizer and networker.”

“We have been educated and empowered as a result of our association with Joyce and Animal University.”

“We have made many new and talented friends as a result of our participation with Animal University. This has opened many wonderful new doors of possibility for our personal and professional/business growth.”

“We are thrilled to have met such a wonderful group of “like minded” generous, smart talented people as a result of Animal University.” — Staci Grattan – Fornshell, Co-Owner Spirit Horse Center Inc Brainerd, MN www.spirithorsecenterinc.com


From clients:

“I’m sooooo grateful for your phone call today. Took your advice, found a Chiropractor who treats animals, and within the hour Bentley was having a treatment. Dr. Emily, the Chiro, was very gracious and stayed after hours (on a Friday!), was very open to hearing what you told me and went right to the spots you suggested. She was amazed with your accuracy, told everyone in the office that you hit it right on, and asked me for your phone # & Email address.” — Arden, Grants Pass, Oregon

“I just wanted to thank you again for coming to speak to our group. I have heard nothing but great things from people, and everyone loved the presentation as well as the opportunity to find out about their animals!” — Kate Whitbeck, Colorado


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