About Joyce Leake

 Joyce Leake

Joyce Leake

 I’m Joyce Leake…Nice to meet you!

My goal has always been to help all species live a fulfilled life together.

My 25-year career, Animal Communication, opened many doors and helped me accomplish more than I imagined; to write books, author and teach courses, travel the US coast-to-coast, and appear for 2 years on a major TV network in Japan.


An Honor to be the Headliner

Oh, and did I forget to mention, Headline the Tokyo, Japan Pet Show.

My story has been featured in the national and international press and South Korea pet lovers named me their Animal Communicator of choice.

My conversations include high-profile celebrities, movie stars and musicians, an iconic race horse, plenty of celebrity dogs and cats and, an exceptionally gripping experience with a grieving elephant.

All careers morph and change and mine is no exception. Animal Communication has taught me that it is okay to be open to opportunities and to never settle for one when I can have “all.” That’s why I refer to myself as ‘unlimited.’ There are always new adventures coming my way and more will be announced soon.

People are animals too… which opens up a plethora of helpful means and ways. As much as I love animals, I realize that if their people are not happy there is a slim chance that they will be too. More’s comin’…stay tuned.

Don’t miss a thing – here’s how to “Stay in the Loop?”   Joyce@AnimalUniversity.com


She has co-authored two books with Dr. Vickie Wickhorst, PhD., Decoding the Mystery of Interspecies Communication and it’s companion, the 104-page workbook, Communicating with Animals – A Twenty-One Day Guide to Success.

Joyce’s desire to raise the Animal Communication bar is exemplified by challenging the need for validation. Her contention is that “if an Animal Communicator is truly confident in her/his abilities then seeking proof counters.”  Joyce’s intention is to “teach a higher degree of Animal Communication” thus eliminate the need for proof.





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