Who Cares for Fido if You Spin, Crash and Burn

Bette Heller, Esq., & Animal Communicator

Bette Heller, Esq., & Animal Communicator

Animal Communication is a great way to be introduced to subjects many of us don’t even think about or if we do, don’t act on. Hence, this post regarding Animal University’s friend and colleague, Bette Heller, Esq. You see, Bette is not only a respected Colorado attorney for close to 30 years, she is also an Animal Communicator.

Her passion to talk with and listen to animals affected her as much the same as it did for the rest of us. She wanted to get to know her animals better and build the relationship that she knew was there if only she could ‘hear them.’ Well, hear she did as she has included the profession in her legal work too.

Bette is an avid animal lover and horse enthusiast with a deep concern for their welfare in the event their people become incapacitated or deceased. Her caring led her to author the “Pets Trust” statute for Colorado in 1994. And, further she created a one-of-a-kind class sharing her expertise to secure peace of mind for both animals and their people if life intervenes and causes havoc.

How to Protect Your Animals in Case of Your Incapacity or Death

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You see, if you are incapacitated, or deceased, who will care for your beloved animals? They are your responsibilities regardless of your state or condition. Would you not be devastated if your pets ended up in a shelter because you didn’t plan for their care? And who will be the ones to take on that responsibility? Your friends and/or family? Can you trust that they will care for them as you do?

Bette’s class describes how you can be in charge even if and when you are not. She encourages you to plan today for their care and make the necessary arrangements, plus secure it in writing so you know all can and will be well even if you are not.

You can trust Bette’s expertise as she is passionate to help your pets live the life deserved because you were informed and took action to secure their well being. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll discover:

  • What is a “Pets Trust” and how does it work? What provisions can it include? And, would it be appropriate for you?
  • What Estate Planning Documents should you have? And, how can they be tailored to protect your animals?
  • How can you approach others to care for your pets?
  • Financial issues to consider. Your animals will continue to eat and require care.
  • Why you should consider an attorney to draft the necessary documents.
  • And, how you will feel secure, at ease and relieved knowing that your animals, some consider children, are safe and will continue to be so.

This is such an important class and one that is rarely regarded with seriousness until it is too late or we give ourselves permission to stop playing Frisbee and ball and take a good hard look at our animals’ lives without us. It is the same as securing for our human loved ones. Please order this class. It will literally change how you view your animals forever.

Visit www.AnimalUniversity.com and learn more about how Bette Heller, Esq. and Animal Communicator can help you and your pet, all your animal family, live the life they deserve because you were responsible.

Visit Animal University often as there are always new and exciting classes, books and other services to assist your life with your animals. Dogs, cats, horses and more need you to know. www.AnimalUniversity.com is your source.

Joyce Leake, Founder and Director of www.AnimalUniversity.com  is also an accomplished Author, Teacher, Speaker and Animal Communicator. Contact Joyce Leake… Joyce@AnimalUniversity.com

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  1. Terri Goon
    May 23, 2013 | 5:29 am

    I’m looking forward to digging into this! Thank you, it’s important!