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I think we’ve all known someone, an older someone, an older independent cuss of a someone who doesn’t want to be doted over, looked after, checked on or even noted.

In the UK, scientists are working with dogs to develop a template for noting when a dog’s owner isn’t right. Don’t check in on the owner, just check in with the dog.

Monitoring a dog’s behaviour could be used as an early warning sign that an older owner is struggling to cope or their health is deteriorating.

Sure, right now they are working with physicalities, but here at AU, we know that the emotional well being of animals (dogs in particular) is also tied directly to their owners.

“A dog’s physical and emotional dependence on their owner means that their wellbeing is likely reflect that of their owner and any changes such as the dog being walked less often, perhaps not being fed regularly, or simply demonstrating ‘unhappy’ behaviour could be an early indicator for families that an older relative needs help.”

As Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame often says “Faster please”

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