Animals say, Don’t forget laughter

Don't forget to laugh

Don’t forget to laugh

Animal Awareness by David, an Animal University connection, reminded me to share his important message about, well, I’ll let his words say it

I think that since the dawn of our species we must have been good students of the humor animals portray and use. Whether it’s the young cubs at play, wondering around discovering all sorts of new experiences, or just the wide array of facial expressions, they can really give us a lot of laughter.

Hank and Animal Communicator, Joyce Leake

Hank and Animal Communicator, Joyce Leake

My response

We too often forget about how our animals help us to ‘just enjoy life’ instead of making it so hard. Thank you again. Great sentiment.

What do you think? Share your Animal Communication epiphany and we’ll pass it on.

Joyce Leake, Animal Communicator since 1994 and Founder of Animal University

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