Joyce Leake "Unlimited"

Joyce Leake “Unlimited”

Joyce Talks w and Listens to People

It’s time to include the two-legged animal in my communication sessions. The animals told me their people need help too. I’m pleased to welcome them too.

Private phone or in-person sessions…  

Private "People Session" 1 hour
  or or call directly 303-243-1145.

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The End of the Line …

Facing Decisions About Your Animal’s Death

  • Have you ever faced the emotionally wrenching decisions concerning your animal’s impending death and wondered
    • How do I make this decision?
    • Is the timing for letting him go ever “right”?
    • How do I cope with gnawing guilt and grief?
    • Will I ever see him again?
  • How can I mend this “hole in my heart”?
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Full of stories from animal people and, through the teachings of world-renowned Animal Communicator, Joyce Leake, this book offers feelings of deep loss with the passing of your animal, to the pure joy of honoring the true miracle of their passing.

“The book is so desperately needed. Too many people flog themselves when dealing with the end-of-life decisions. It was very moving” – Polly Bennett

“This helped me understand what was missing in my grief.” Joan Randolph

“Joyce’s book reminded me that no one knows or loves my horse Rasta like I do and there isn’t another who would be able to collaborate with him as could I. Reading the book gave me strength and kept me from feeling alone in that strength. We all deal with these feelings differently. It was a huge help to see it all written down on paper.” – Terri Goon


Hank and Animal Communicator, Joyce Leake

Hank and Animal Communicator, Joyce Leake

 Yes, I Communicate with Your Animals and Now YOU

Private Animal & People Sessions with Joyce Leake

Plus, More Classes to satiate your desire to learn  New Class Catalogue

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